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    K2 Training

    Become a certified PV professional!


    Save time and become more efficient: K2 training will help you to optimize your PV installations for all roof types.


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    K2 Training provides practical basic know-how for consulting, planning and installation of K2 mounting systems in an entertaining and engaging manner! Use our digital training platform - anytime and anywhere - whenever it suits you.

    • Interactive e-learning with compact, sequential learning videos about K2 mounting systems.
    • Go through the learning modules, test your knowledge and receive your personal K2 Training certificate.
    • Convince your customers and gain more confidence!

    Application cases


    Choose your roof type to start:

    Learning modules - planning made easy!

    Learning modules

    Watch the free learning videos, plan and install faster and convince your customers with your professional know-how.


    Get started right away with most common types of application!


    Knowledge quiz - Have you already gathered know-how?

    Knowledge quiz

    Either you already know how to install K2 mounting systems or once you have gained the knowledge through K2 training, then master the knowledge test to get your certificate!


    K2 Base Camp Certificate - Show what you can do!

    K2 Training Certificate

    Once you have mastered the quiz, use the K2 Training certificate as a quality seal of quality on your website, in your email or in your office.