Trapezoidal sheet metal roofing

Here you can find technical information for mounting systems that are used for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs.

MiniRail auf Trapezblechdach

Brochures / check lists

Matrix  Pitched roof systems
Recommendations for lightning protection and equipotential bonding
Matrix  Flat roof systems
Checklist  Corrugated fibre cement / trapezoidal sheet metal / sandwich panel (substructure fixation)
Checklist  Trapezoidal sheet metal / sandwich panel (roof sheet fixation)
TerraGrif  Potential equalisation

D-Dome System

MiniRail System

Product data sheet and brochures

Assembly instructions and checklists

Certificates and tender specification

Document type
MCS Certificate  IK0182 04
Tender specification  MiniRail
Tender specification  MiniRail with MiniFive

MultiRail System

S-Dome System

S-Dome Small System

SpeedRail System

SolidRail System

Triangle / MultiAngle System