Sherpa: Your constant companion who supports you 24/7

The Sherpa is a constant companion of mountaineers in the Himalayas. He is a luggage carrier and mountain expert with valuable experience, who helps the mountaineers at any time. The K2 Sherpa will also support you with projects and questions about Base.

Should the Sherpa not be able to help you, he will connect you directly with a K2 employee in technical sales.



Facts worth knowing about the K2 Sherpa

  • How can I chat with the Sherpa?

    The chat is available now for all WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users.


  • On which device can I use the Sherpa?

    You can communicate with Sherpa on all common devices for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


  • How much does the chat with K2 Sherpa cost?
    Nothing. This service is obviously free of charge for you. However, please consider eventual costs created by the necessary mobile data to use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.


  • When can I chat with the Sherpa?

    You can communicate with Sherpa 24/7. If it is an individual matter or if you asked for a roof expert in the chat, Sherpa will redirect your question to our team in technical sales. You can reach the sales people Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CET.


K2 Sherpa is a new chat option via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
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