Mounting systems for corrugated sheet metal

With hanger bolts or solar fasteners for roofing made of corrugated sheet metal or trapezoidal sheet metal.

MicroRail System

Fixing in the roof covering with self-tapping screws including sealing and without additional parts.


SingleRail System

Quick and low-cost with direct lateral connections to the rail including customised height adjustment.


SolidRail System

Suitable for different load cases and many ranges of spans inclusive extensive range of rails.


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K2 PV mounting systems with hanger bolts or solar fasteners are suitable for corrugated sheet metal roofings. With the MicroRail System it is also possible to fix directly in the corrugated sheet without drilling in the substructure. The mounting rail families SingleRail and SolidRail are the solution with fixation in the substructure of the roof.


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