Mounting systems for flat roof

For many surfaces such as concrete, bitumen, foils, green roofs, gravel or trapezoidal sheet metal.

Dome Classic Systems

Assembly-friendly classics thanks to the use of fewer components. Available elevated on one/two sides.


S-Dome Small System

Suitable for flat and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. Saves material and transport and has a secure holding force.


Dome 6.10 Systems

Pre-assembled for time-saving assembly or unassembled for cost efficiency. Available elevated on one/two sides.


TiltUp Vento System

Many different module arrangements, suitable for larger modules and 3 different elevation angles: 20°, 25° and 30°.

Illustration module approvals

Approved modules

Here you find a list of modules which are approved for clamping on the short sides of the frames.

K2 Systems' Catalogue

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We show you all our components clearly arranged by system. The most important accessories are also listed.


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Illustration of K2 Systems' catalogue


K2 mounting systems for flat roofs are suitable for many surfaces such as concrete, bitumen, sheets, green roofs, gravel or trapezoidal sheet.

Single- and double elevation are both possible. The mounting angles range from 10 - 45°.

  • Single elevation
    • S-Dome 6.10
    • S-Dome V 10°
    • S-Dome V 15°
    • S-Dome 10°
    • S-Dome Small 10°
    • Triangle / MultiAngle 10-45°
  • Double elevation
    • D-Dome 6.10
    • D-Dome V 10°
    • D-Dome 10°


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