PV mounting systems for flat roofs

We are well known for our single-sided and double-sided flat roof mounting systems for PV plants. They can be used on membrane, concrete, gravel and Bitumen roofings as well as on green roofs.
It is also possible to install our flat roof elevations on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs with our SpeedRail System.

The planning is a well though design process which ends up in a really easy and flexible assembly. These flat roof solutions are tested and approved on some of the biggest commercial buildings. Learn more…

K2 Base: Easy planning tool

Planning your project with the SingleRail System in K2 Base is super easy. This mounting system is very flexible and can be used for many roofing types.
The design process in K2 Base lets you plan residential projects like a clockwork and even large commercial projects are no longer an obstacle. The software creates exact assembly plans and flawless BOMs.

Ballasting on a D-Dome PV flat roof mounting systems

Ballasted solutions also for minor load reserves

Our focus are ballasted flat roof solutions. This means small obstacles for the planning and installation process. We are worldwide pioneers in this field of application.


The mounting systems are designed to fit for almost any demands of buildings and projects. Even if your roofing or load reserves can not serve for our standard solutions at first sight: There are more options. Just ask us: Special technical designs can planned individually.


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Dome Fix Pro Set for integrated fixing with mounting foot

Mounting feet and integrated fixing points

If your roof has not enough load capacities, you want to save ballast or the roof inclination makes a ballasted solution impossible we offer components for integrated fixing points. K2 Base plans the positions of mounting feet for the fixation automatically. You get an assembly plan with precise positioning.


Depending on your roofing and substructure you can work with different mounting feet solutions from local manufacturers. Our solution is compatible with almost all feet.


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K2 Base: Easy planning tool

The planning process in K2 Base helps you with perfect placement, proven loads calculation and a flawless BOM. Only five steps are necessary to achieve a ready-to-build result. Plan big commercial PV systems like clockwork as well as pain free residential project management.


Several little helpers make your project management easy. You can exchange planning data with partners and export it to other tools for electric wiring or yield planning.