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11/07/2022 Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg

Solar plant with 1.3 MWp has 4,162 modules, 6 km of mounting rails and 17 inverters

Flachdach Commercial D-Dome Classic Flat roof Cooperative
02/03/2022 Poirino, Italy

Elevation of the modules ensures better performance and higher energy production

MiniRail Trapezoidal metal sheet Commercial MiniRail MiniFive Elevation Comparison
04/02/2022 Dobro Nsawam, Ghana

Own electricity for dried fruit processing in Ghana

SpeedRail SpeedRail Trapezoidal metal sheet Commercial
11/01/2022 County Kent, UK

Fruit farmer in south-east England produces own electricity with 1.5 MWp rooftop system

Rooftop Solar fastener SolidRail Light SingleRail Cross connection
26/01/2022 Rochejean, France

PV installation for self-consumption in a French municipality

Solarpark N-Rack Ground-mounted Solar park
14/12/2021 Schwerin, Germany

Pre-assembled and low-ballast: PV project in Schwerin with D-Dome 6.10

Folie Commercial Flat roof D-Dome 6.10 Xpress Membrane Sector coupling
24/11/2021 Tallinn, Estonia

Facade solution with SolidRail components

Commercial SolidRail Facade Special construciton
15/04/2021 Kareivonys, Lithuania

Largest facility in Lithuania with S-Dome Classic

Gewerbe Commercial S-Dome Classic Trapezoidal metal sheet
05/11/2021 Sunshine Coast, Australia

Residential building with corrugated iron on the Sunshine Coast of Australia

SingleRail L-Foot Corrugated sheet metal Residential house Australia
27/10/2021 Aidlingen, Germany

Installation of the SingleRail with CrossHook 3S in pictures

SingleRail Residential house CrossHook 3S CrossBoard Pan tile Own consumption
15/09/2021 Trecate, Italy

Solar plant with 12.7 MWp and our D-Dome 6 mounting system

Flachdach Commercial Flat roof D-Dome 6.10 Italy Video
01/06/2021 Gorinchem, Netherlands

Drone flight over a D-Dome 6 PV installation in the Netherlands

Flachdach Flat roof D-Dome 6.10 Xpress Residential house Bitumen Netherlands


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