Together we can make such a difference!

Collaboration is essential if we want to make the world a better place, so let’s connect our strengths! We all bear the responsibility of safeguarding our planet for the well-being of future generations.

Successfully realising the energy revolution together.

Ensuring a healthy world for tomorrow

Since we are active in the solar energy industry, it may not come as a surprise that our view towards sustainability is important to us. But did you know:

Sustainable production
Recycled SVG

75% of K2 products are crafted from recycled aluminium.

Carbon Footprint of
4,9 t
Footstep SVG

for the aluminium used in our ­products,  lower than global and European average

Electrified vehicle fleet
Electric-vehicle SVG

We have already converted more than half of our fleet to electric vehicles.

People SVG

Our team of over 40 nationalities speaks more than 32 languages.

Environmental commitment

At the heart of our business strategy lies a committment to sustainable and responsible production. This principle serves as the cornerstone guiding all of our efforts.


Social commitment

We support people both within and outside our organization. Our aim is to foster a working environment where people from diverse backgrounds can not only excel but thrive. Furthermore, we are committed to improving conditions for those in need of assistance.



Our governance approach is all about creating lasting value that benefits everyone involved, both internally and externally.