K2 SingleRail System

Suitable for different load cases and many ranges of spans, including extensive range of rails.

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Quick and easy planning in five steps of K2 mounting systems for pitched and flat roofs. Our free planning tool K2 Base has a dashboard for efficient project control. Google Maps integration and graphic drawing tools support and facilitate your planning.

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System variants

Roof tiles and roof stones

Even with difficult rafter spacing, you can build perfect solutions with CrossBoard or SingleBoard. For higher load requirements, we offer the SingleHook Alpine. You can also choose between roof hooks made of aluminium or stainless steel. We offer special roof hooks for plain tiles or flat concrete roof tiles.

Our SingleRail system can also be installed with on-roof insulation by using different screws.

Corrugated fibre cement and corrugated sheet metal

They are available in many different lengths in diameters M10 and M12. They are all equipped with a seal and have an abZ in Germany.

Standing seam and round seam coverings

The following profile types are possible: double standing seam, angled seam, snap seam and round seam (Bemo, Kalzip, Aluform, Rib-Roof Evolution).

Bitumen roofing

By fastening in the rafter and in the wooden boarding, the installation of the SingleRail is simple and uncomplicated as usual. Sealing with the butyl layer pre-mounted on the component has the advantage that a secure and watertight connection to the bitumen roofing can be guaranteed.



Downloads & Technical Information

Detailed information about our system can be found in the product catalogue.

  • Component overview
  • Requirements and mounting method
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