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PV projects are quick and easy - if you know how!

No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced PV professional: At K2 you get the right support to successfully complete your PV project. We are there to help guide you every step of the way, from a well-prepared project start, through planning and installation, and all the way through to project completion.

With its wide range of tools and products, the K2 Resource Center can help you plan and execute projects quickly and efficiently.

Project Start

Here you can find fundamental knowledge and information for ensuring successful installation.


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Using Digital Tools

With K2's digital services, you can expedite and simplify the planning process. Moreover, our digital solutions enable technical tasks to be executed with greater precision and in a more organized manner.


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Planning and installation

Different roof types require different approaches. Here you will find specific detailed instructions for time-saving planning and successful installation.


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Project Completion

Learn how to effectively document and conclude your project by discovering valuable insights for adding those essential "finishing touches."


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K2 Learning Formats

Take advantage of our K2 Support with a variety of training offers - online and offline.

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Here you will find useful information and assistance on all aspects of our K2 mounting systems - from general questions to special topics such as K2 Base and K2 Quote.
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