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The K2 Pro Partnership is designed to go above and beyond what you normally expect from a vendor. This program includes active installation training and certification, collaboration with our marketing team that will aim to promote and elevate your brand, and you'll earn rewards along the way. Our goal is to provide you with an increased level of support to help you grow your business and see continued success in the future!

K2 Pro Certified Installation Companies

Our K2 Pro Certified Installers have been through all the steps of our program: training and marketing. These trusted installers have the highest quality solar installation practices and business standards. Our partners are committed to the solar revolution and making our earth green.

If you're interested in getting your company certified, please contact our Training team.

Program Features

What does it mean to be a K2 Pro?

K2 Pros are certified solar installers who are dedicated to creating worldwide power generation from solar energy. These installers are committed to receiving ongoing training to ensure they always have the latest information on solar installation best practices. They use K2 Systems racking systems, which are high quality, German-engineered products. All of K2 Systems products are rigorously tested and always meet or exceed industry standards. Homeowners and building owners can be assured that their roofs will be taken care of and their solar systems will be installed with upmost quality.

Marketing Collaboration

  • Elevate your marketing performance
  • Active social media support and promotion of your business
  • Exclusive K2 Pro endorsement on the K2 website
  • Event collaboration and co-branded collateral

Product Installation Training

  • In person and online product training and installation best practices
  • Materials facts and installation properties
  • Installation check list overview
  • Coming soon: digital training modules and testing


  • Earn rewards for your active participation
  • Based upon participation metrics
  • Gear, custom swag and team building activities

Become a K2 Pro Certified Installer

K2 Pro Online Training Tutorial

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