CrossRail Tilt Up System

Suitable for nearly all roof types including flat, low slope and steep slope.

K2 Base: Easy, fast and safe!

Quick and easy five-step planning of the K2 mounting systems for pitched and flat roofs. Our free planning tool K2 Base has a dashboard for efficient project control. Google Maps integration and graphical drawing tools support and facilitate your planning.

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Roof type compatibility

Flat Roofs

There are a variety of roof accessories to choose from when installing the CrossRail Tilt Up System on flat roofs. You can simply install a standard L-Foot, or we offer the T-Foot and Big Foot which are essentially longer L-Foot to provide greater height adjustability.

Standing Seam Roofs

You can attach the CrossRail System to a seam roof using any of our Standing Seam PowerClamps. They are available in Mini and Standard sizes. The mini has 1 fixing screw while the standard has 2.



Downloads and technical information

You can find detailed information about our system in the product catalog.

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  • Requirements and mounting method
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