Sales Representatives

Find the K2 Systems sales representative for your region. They will always be your main point of contact for all things K2 Systems.

Outside Sales

Our Outside Sales team are sprinkled across the country to best represent their regions. You can look on their territory maps to see who is responsible for your area.

Ross Gerard, Vice President of Sales

North America
+1 (949) 812-1097

Bradley Bland, Director of Partner Sales

North America
+1 (847) 767-0515

Al Harsch, Northeast Regional Sales Manager

+1 (631) 704-6147

Javier Henriquez, Southeast Regional Sales Manager

+1 (914) 912-6206

Carlos Gomez, South Central Regional Sales Manager

South Central
+1 (469) 510-1063

James Compton, North Central Regional Sales Manager

North Central
+1 (615) 483-0347

Bob Ivaldi, Northwest Regional Sales Manager

+1 (209) 665-1554

John Riddle, Southwest Regional Sales Manager

+1 (310) 844-8558

Inside Sales

Our Inside Sales teams works closely with their Outside Sales Managers to best assist you.

Alejandra Santana

Client Services and Technical Sales Manager
+1 (760) 657-4001

Kelsey Rawlings

West Coast
+1 (760) 691-0526

Luz Rojano

Central US
+1 (619) 642-6736

Brendan Dooley

East Coast
+1 (619) 318-2622

Alana Gomez

Client Services - North Central and East Coast
+1 (760) 224-8040

Victoria Kassieram

Client Services - South Central and West Coast
+1 (559) 651-6738

Technical Trainers

Similar to Outside Sales, our Technical Trainers manage their own territories and can provide onsite trainings as well as virtual trainings.

Johan Alfsen

Senior Director of Training
(West Coast)
+1 (510) 599-6085

Dave Massaro

Technical Trainer, Central US
+1 (808) 773-4472

Drew Herrmann

Technical Trainer, East Coast
+1 (518) 801-3246