K2 Base

With over 50,000 K2 Base users, we are one of the leading providers of PV project planning software. With the help of the K2 Base, you can determine the optimal K2 mounting system for pitched and flat roofs in just five steps.

The optimal K2 mounting system in just 5 steps

  • Google Maps integration and graphical drawing tools make planning easy
  • Automatic determination of wind and snow loads
  • Intuitive editor to draw roofs and module fields
  • Automatic calculation and display of roof and counterweight fasteners
  • Result report including assembly drawing and item list

Direct data transmission to planning tools from SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius, Kostal, GoodWe and archelios™ Pro


Plan projects with our intuitive software

K2 Base can be used via web-based access from any PC or Mac, without the need to install any additional software. In this way, you always have all your projects in view: clearly, concisely and well structured. Project lists offer useful filtering options and display all important parameters. Satellite images can serve as a basis for planning. Graphic work works best with simple drawing tools.

Innovative planning tool for pitched and flat roofs

You can create multiple roofs and module arrays in a single project. Thanks to the exact measurement and angle data, precise results are guaranteed. Obstacles and restricted areas are easily and quickly edited. Including thermal clearances and maintenance clearances are easily represented. Wind and snow loads are determined automatically.

Full result reporting – everything accurately documented

  • Details for the verification of system use
  • Automatic calculation and representation of the fixing to the roof and the counterweight
  • List of editable items with distribution of modules for roofs
  • Results, assembly drawings and counterweight in reports in PDF format

Brief explanation: K2 Base demo video


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