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Sample Kit Options

3000024: CrossRail 44-X Sample Kit includes


4000019: 6" CrossRail 44-X Mill

4000020: 6" CrossRail 44-X Dark

4000052: Rail Connector CR 44-X, Set, Dark

4000067: EndCap, Black, CR44-X (2)

4000050-H: Yeti Hidden EC for CR, 13mm Hex Set

4000006-H: K2 Ground Lug, 13mm Hex Set

4000602-H: CR MC Dark, 30-47mm, 13mm Hex

4000091: CR EC Dark, 30-50mm, Shared RL 30-45mm

4000629-H: CR Micro inverter & Optimizer, 13mm Hex Kit

4005394: Wire Management Clip, Omega, Black

4000382: HeyClip SunRunner Cable Clip SS, S6404

4000069: TC Wire Management Clip

4000366: EverFlash eComp Kit, Black

4000609: Shared Rail Clamp Add-Ob, Slide In, 10mm

4000113: Splice Foot X Kit, Mill

4000162: Splice Foot XL Kit, Mill

4000080: T-Foot X Kit, Mill

3000025: EverFlash TRF Sample Kit includes


4000130: EverFlash Flat Tile - R, Mill

4000131: EverFlash S Tile - R, Mill

4000132: EverFlash W Tile - R, Mill


3000026: Universal Hook Sample Kit includes


4000141: Flat Tile Hook X, Kit

4000140: Universal Standard Hook 9" Base, Kit

4000142: Universal Standard Hook +2, 5.5" Base, Kit


3000027: Legacy Hook Sample Kit includes


4000034: Flat Tile Hook, Kit

4001294: Tile Hook 3S Wide Base w/ Hardware



3000053: K2 EverSeal Sample Kit includes


4000113: Splice Foot X Kit, Mill

4000162: Splice Foot XL Kit, Mill

4000203: USH 9" Base Kit, w/Butyl

4000204: USH +2, 5.5" Base Kit, w/Butyl

4000205: Flat Tile Hook X Kit, w/Butyl




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