K2 fundraiser for the people of Turkey and Syria

22 February 2023 K2 Kares

Relatives and friends of some of our colleagues are suffering from the consequences of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Our thoughts are with all the people who fear for their loved ones and their safety. Therefore, we are supporting the fundraising campaign “Earthquake Turkey and Border Region” by “Aktion Deutschland Hilft – Das Bündnis”. Because it does what we what we at K2 Systems believe is important: It helps people directly where it is needed.


The alliance provides for
– Rescue of buried people
– Distribution of food, drinking water and medicine
– Emergency medical aid
– Distribution of tents, blankets and warm clothing
– Emergency shelter for people who no longer have a home
– People with disabilities and elderly people


Do you also want to help?

👉Donate at betterplace.org/spenden/WeStand2gether


Thank you for your support!




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