Now Shipping D Dome R² System

D Dome Railless2 R2 System
D Dome R² System reduces part count for faster, simpler installation.

D Dome R² System: Fastest, Simplest Ever...est Flat Roof Mounting Solution

Our D Dome R² System is our new commercial flat roof solution.

  • Modular components
  • Fewer parts
  • Minimal hardware


Following the principles of our D Dome and D Dome Railless System, our D Dome Railless² System is UL Listed, newly designed and designed with the installer in mind! As the third generation of our East West solar racking solution, we have made innovative changes to make the install easier and faster! This low-ballast system maximizes the space on the roof to give the highest density of power. 


We are now shipping the New D Dome R² System. We have seen a few projects installed and pictures are to follow.


D Dome Railless2 System for flat roofs

New D Dome R² System

Our D Dome Railless² System is our fastest, simplest flat roof solution. Following the principles of our D Dome Railless System, our D Dome R² is designed with the installer in mind. The system offers quick and easy handling to adapt to the workflows of a construction work site.

D Dome Railless2 Peak2 System for flat roofs

New Dome Peak R²

Our Dome Peak R² is truly railless. This modular component is fixed at a 10 degree tilt. The robust and reliable design simplifies installation. The integrated T-Bolt channel is placed for accessory attachment and wire management.

D Dome Railless2 Base2 System for flat roofs

New Dome Base R²

Our Dome Base R² takes the place of two components: Single SD and Double SD on our D Dome Railless system.

D Dome Railless² System

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