Private customers

Are you planning a private solar system? There are a few things to consider on the way to your own PV system. We have compiled the most important information for you here:


The good news at the beginning:
A private solar system is more worthwhile than ever before!

With sensible planning, a significant part of your energy demand can be covered. This advances climate protection and the energy transition, as well as reducing electricity costs.

The path to your PV system


Contact the installer


Consultation and appointment on-site




Order and delivery


Installation and approval



Searching for an installer

Installing a photovoltaic system requires qualified specialist knowledge. In order for the PV system to do what it promises, the system must be built properly. This is how to find specialist contractors in your area:

  • K2 installer directory: K2 installers have successfully completed the K2 training and offer optimal conditions for the installation of your PV system.
K2 installer directory
Searching for an installer


Five criteria for a top-class craftsman:


The installation of a PV system requires a qualified tradesman. Anyone who has completed a K2 training course has good prerequisites for professional installation.


Is your chosen installer company trustworthy? How do you feel advised? How quickly do you get answers to your questions? A simple internet search quickly gives you a first impression of the craftsman's company.


Experience counts - proof of performance even more. Satisfied customers are the best recommendation. Ask for extensive photo documentation of reference objects.

Brand products

Manufacturers like K2 have been tested and certified many times. K2 Systems stands for a secure connection, highest quality as well as precisely manufactured and accurately fitting components. We give a 12-year product guarantee on all K2 components in the system connection.


Have the offer explained to you in detail and give the specialist tradesman the chance to justify his price before you decide on a more favourable offer.

Good preparation saves time

In order to be able to submit a quote quickly and accurately, the installer requires detailed information about your PV project. Supply this to him at the start, avoid queries and lose no time. With this checklist, you are optimally prepared:

To the checklist
Good preparation saves time.

The PV system – a DIY job? Our tip: leave it to a professional!

The connection from house electricity to the public power grid can only be performed by a registered and certified electrical installer. Even those wanting to attach a system to a roof on their own are not authorised to connect it to one’s own or to the public power grid. Also, you will only obtain the manufacturer’s warranty if installation is performed by a specialist. Play it safe and turn to qualified experts. This way you will avoid expensive mistakes and not take the risk of invalidating your warranty claims.