Together we can make such a difference.

Our motto: Connecting Strength. We combine strengths. We focus on common goals. We do this not only when it comes to highly functional mounting systems for photovoltaic systems. But also on a political, humanitarian and individual level.

Successfully realising the energy revolution together.

Community involvement

Only together can we succeed. We are all responsible for preserving the Earth as a viable planet for future generations. K2 Systems has the know-how, technology and team to drive the energy revolution with the help of solar power. And above all, we have the will to tackle things today – and not to postpone them until tomorrow.

Since 2004, K2 Systems has been making its contribution to realising the energy revolution as efficiently and sustainably as possible. In addition, we support professional associations at a European, national and regional level.

SolarPower Europe

More than 200 companies over the entire solar value chain from more than 38 countries are represented here. Together with SolarPower Europe, we are developing important quality standards for the construction of PV systems. We are also strengthening the role of solar energy as an absolute key energy in the European and global energy market for political decision-makers.

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Our philosophy: Only together can we succeed

Germany: German Solar Association (BSW-Solar)

For more than 40 years, the association has represented the interests of solar companies in Germany. It provides information, advice and communication in activities between business, politics and consumers. In addition to comprehensive press and public relations work, the BSW also provides rapid industry information.

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German Solar Association (BSW-Solar)

Germany: Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg

Since 2012, this initiative has been in place for regional companies from all parts of the solar value chain, such as module, inverter or mounting system manufacturers as well as municipal utilities and research institutes. The central goals are to raise public awareness of the industrial and economic importance of solar energy and to actively develop the legal parameters for further expansion. That we can achieve more together shows a 1.35 MW project in Neckarsulm, which we realised together with Orange Solar from the Solar Cluster.

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Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg

Switzerland: Swissolar

Swissolar is the Swiss Solar Energy Professionals Association. It advocates a stronger deployment of solar energy in Switzerland, whether as solar thermal for domestic warm water preparation and heating, as solar power or by applying the principles of solar construction.

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United Kingdom: Solar Energy UK

Solar Energy UK is an established trade association working for and representing the entire solar and energy storage value chain. It represents a thriving member-led community of over 230 businesses and associates. Purpose of Solar Energy UK is to catalyse the collective strengths of their members to build a clean energy system for everyone’s benefit.

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Italy: Italia Solare

Italia Solare is the only association in Italy dedicated exclusively to photovoltaics and technological integrations for intelligent energy management. Members include among others companies and organizations active along the whole value chain: energy traders, technology manufacturers, distributors, designers and installers, EPC and universities.

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ENERPLAN is the representative union of the solar industry in France and has members throughout the solar value chain. Since its creation, ENERPLAN has brought together several hundred companies to represent solar professionals and defend their interests, and to lead, structure and develop the sector.

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Australia: Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia and represent as membership-based organisation Australia's leading renewable energy and energy storage businesses, as well as rooftop solar installers, to further the development of clean energy.

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The Associação Brasileira de Energia Solar (ABSOLAR) and the Associação Brasileira de Geração Distribuída (ABGD) connect companies from the entire value chain of the solar photovoltaic sector with operations in Brazil. They coordinate, represent, and defend the interests of the members regarding the development of the market and of the sector, and publicizing solar photovoltaic energy in the country.

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Social commitment

We also help where there is concrete need. We provide support quickly and unbureaucratically to give people in need a bit of hope and assistance. For example, K2 Systems has been involved in multiple donation campaigns for refugee camps for over 6 years.

K2's advantage: our experienced logistics team has the know-how to bring aid and deliver it to the respective regions precisely and without delay.

Currently, we are supporting the people in the Ukraine.

Corporate commitment

Of course, we also start at an individual level at our own company! From Day One, K2 Systems has been covering its power requirements with 100% renewable energy. But that’s not enough. Our goal is to become a climate-neutral company by 2025. This is our commitment for a better world. This is how we will make a real difference!

We only use Fairtrade coffee beans.

We only use Fairtrade coffee beans.

We are switching our fleet to electric vehicles.

We are converting our fleet to electric vehicles.

We only drink organic milk from the region and delicious organic food is served every day for lunch.

We drink organic milk from the region and delicious organic food is delivered every day for lunch.

Many of our employees cycle to work. Anyone who opts to use their bike gets an extra reward from the company.

Many of our employees come to work by E-Bike. We encourage this by offering K2 service e-bikes.