Our environmental commitment

At the heart of our business strategy lies a commitment to sustainable and responsible production. This principle serves as the cornerstone guiding all of our efforts.

110 GWh produced daily

This is how much clean energy is produced daily using K2 mounting systems. This equates to approximately the same amount of energy that can be produced with 11 coal-fired power plants.

Our CO2 footprint beats industry averages

The aluminium used in our products has a significantly smaller CO2 footprint than that of global and even European primary production processes per ton. This is a “feet” that we accomplish together with our partner suppliers who are dedicated to reducing the carbon intensity of their primary production and through the use of recycled aluminium. Small footprint with a big stride.

75% of our products are crafted from recycled aluminium

This is important because the energy required for recycled aluminium is a mere 5% of the initial energy outlay needed for producing primary aluminium. By prioritizing recycled materials, we not only reduce our environmental footprint, but we also drive sustainable production practices within our industry.

Regional value creation

85% of our products are manufactured in the EU, a strategic approach aimed at minimizing carbon emissions, ensuring compliance with EU quality, environment and social standards, and supporting local production.