FAQs: Flat roofs

K2 mounting systems for flat roofs are suitable for many surfaces such as concrete, bitumen, foil, green roofs, gravel or even trapezoidal sheet metal. Both single-sided and double-sided elevations are possible. The elevation angles range from 0 - 45°.

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  • What about the compatibility of Mat S for flat roof systems?

  • What effect does the roof pitch have on ballasting and fastening?

  • Which system do I use for which covering?

  • Which elevation and orientation should I choose?

  • Single-sided elevation S-Dome or double-sided elevation D-Dome?

  • Can I use a K2 system if my flat roof is filled with gravel and what options do I have here?

  • Edge distance on a flat roof: How do I make the best possible use of the roof area?

  • What is the surface load of the mounting system on the flat roof?

  • When do I need anti-slip protection?

  • Is a combination of ballasting and fixed connection possible?

  • How are the modules cleaned when using the roof-parallel Dome Zero system?

  • How many kilograms is a flat roof system weighted with or how much ballast do I need?

  • Can I switch off the anchor option for ballasting?