K2 Base

Our innovative planning tool K2 Base enables fast, safe and accurate planning of PV projects. In just five steps, you can determine the optimal design of your K2 mounting system and the configuration of your PV project for pitched and flat roofs. And all of this is free of charge! No wonder K2 Base has become one of the most popular planning tools in the industry.

The optimum K2 mounting system in 5 steps

  • Google Maps integration and graphic drawing tools facilitate your planning
  • Automatic determination of wind and snow loads
  • Intuitive editor for drawing roofs and module arrays
  • Automatic calculation and depiction of roof fasteners and ballasting
  • Result report including assembly plan and bill of materials

Data directly transferable into planning tools from SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius, Kostal, GoodWe, PV*SOL premium and archelios™ Pro!


Plan using our intuitive software

You can use K2 Base via the Web through any PC or Mac without any additional software installation. This way you always have all of your projects in view – clear, in overview form and well structured. Project lists offer you useful filtering options and show you all the important parameters. Satellite images can be used as a basis for planning. Graphical work functions optimally with easy drawing tools.


Innovative planning tool for pitched and flat roofs

Create several roofs and module arrays in one project. Exact dimensional and angular specifications guarantee precise results. The editing of obstructions and restricted areas is quick and easy. Thermal separations and maintenance partitions can also be displayed with ease. Wind and snow loads are automatically defined.

Complete result report: everything documented precisely

  • Detailed information on verification system utilisation
  • Automatic calculation and display of roof fastenings and ballasting
  • Editable bill of materials with module distribution per roof
  • Results, assembly plans and ballasting in the form of PDF reports

Send items directly to the shopping carts of your distributor’s webshops

K2 Base has added an interface to the webshop of many PV and electrical wholesalers. This feature simplifies and speeds up the planning and ordering process because K2 Base sends the item list directly to the shopping cart of various webshops.

Explained in brief: K2 Base

Explained in brief: K2 Base demo


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