K2 MultiRail System

Roof connection and mounting rail in one component. Available as a short rail or a flexible component in various lengths.

K2 Base: Simple, fast and safe PV planning

Quick and easy planning in five steps of K2 mounting systems for pitched and flat roofs. Our free planning tool K2 Base has a dashboard for efficient project control. Google Maps integration and graphic drawing tools support and facilitate your planning.

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K2 Base: Easy, fast and safe planning

System highlights

MultiRail CSM for corrugated sheet roofs

This allows for quick planning with little material input and no pre-drilling or complex fixing in the roof substructure is necessary during installation. Better rear ventilation can be achieved through the elevation with RailUp. The MultiRail CSM is available as a short rail in two lengths.

Compatible components

With elevation for more yield

from our flat-roof system Dome 6 can produce a better angle of incidence with the elevation and thus a higher yield. The clever connection for trapezoidal sheeting is safe in terms of holding force and economical in terms of material and transport.

RailUp for MultiRail

For the installation, we recommend using this component in very hot regions or for the optimisation of module performance. RailUp is supplied as a kit and does not require any additional material for the installation.

Lightning protection and equipotential bonding

Our lightning protection clamp set can be placed directly on the MultiRail. Aluminium conductors are therefore directly connected for lightning protection.

PVX Minimount

Our well-suited Performa mesh trays are high quality and rust-free. Installed without tools, secure, galvanically isolated cable ducting can be ensured.

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Downloads & technical information

You can find detailed information on our system in the product catalogue.

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