Our social commitment

At the end of the day, it all comes down to people and making sure that we provide support both within and outside our organization.

A diverse workforce from over 40 countries

Diversity and inclusion are a living reality at K2 where our team represents over 40 nations and speaks more than 32 languages. By harnessing the power of diversity, we connect strength.


Support where needed: at home and abroad

Fast support for refugees

Helping people in need is a priority for K2. We provide support quickly and unbureaucratically to give people hope and assistance.​
K2 Systems has actively participated in multiple donation campaigns over the last eight years. K2’s advantage: our experienced logistics team has the know-how to bring aid and deliver it to the respective regions precisely and without delay.

Locally active

We are committed to our community. From monetary sponsorships to walking alongside our neighbors, our K2nians are eager to participate.

Use and reuse

It is amazing how often equipment needs to be upgraded these days. But that does not mean that old equipment needs to be tossed away. K2 regularly donates IT equipment to local schools, who are happy to put them to further use​.