Facade systems

K2 mounting systems for facades are suitable for many typical materials such as solid masonry or concrete, sandwich elements and trapezoidal sheet metal. Scalable modular components make large-scale PV systems for sustainable energy generation on the building facade possible. A well thought-out anti-slip system ensures that the system is held securely with redundantly designed holding forces.

PV-Anlage mit WallPV auf Sandwichpaneelen

WallPV Solutions

Demo video

In the video, we show the scalability of the K2 WallPV PV mounting system on the facade types masonry, concrete, sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheet metal.
Animation of a WallPV demo video

K2 FacadeRail

Avaibale from Q1 2024

The FacadeRail system offers the most flexible solution for facades made of solid masonry or concrete.
Not only is it possible to generate energy on the façade with photovoltaics, but our system also offers the combination of curtain-type, rear-ventilated cladding and thermal insulation or ETICS.

• PV mounting system for fixed facades
• Curtain walling
• Facade insulation
PV system with FacadeRail mounting system as curtain wall on concrete wall

K2 CarrierRail

Available from Q1 2024

Building facades with sandwich panels are a large field of application for vertical photovoltaic systems. Our solution for this is the CarrierRail system.
It is a carrier system approved by the building authorities for Fischer Profil FischerTHERM panels. Thanks to thread-forming, self-sealing screws and InsertionRail insertion system for PV modules, installation happens at high speed.
PV system with WallPV on sandwich panels

K2 MultiRail

Available from 11/2023

One of the most common facade claddings in trade or agriculture is trapezoidal sheet metal or corrugated sheet metal. For these materials, we rely on our proven MultiRail. With it, we offer an efficient and easy-to-mount wall fastener.
Photovoltaic system on trapezoidal sheet metal façade with MultiRail