K2 WallPV FacadeRail

Available from Q1 2024
The FacadeRail system offers the most flexible solution for facades made of solid masonry or concrete.

System Highlights

Solution for facades with ETICS

The support rail can be mounted with brackets from various manufacturers on solid masonry or concrete, e.g. Hilti or Ejot. Thus, the combination with other façade systems is possible and the thermal insulation composite system can be concealed in the same way. The adapter leg of the FacadeRail offers an additional adjustment range for rear ventilation.

FacadeRail at ETICS installation

Various brackets compatible

Many commercially available consoles are suitable for the connection and thus enable the combination with curtain-type, rear-ventilated façade panels. The PV modules are mounted according to a similar principle to the panels and fit seamlessly into the facade as a photovoltaic system.

FacadeRail and typical bracket for curtain walling

Closed surface with insertion rails

The PV modules can be installed quickly and securely on the façade with the InsertionRail. Despite the largely closed surface, enough gaps remain for rear ventilation.

Insertion of a PV module in the InsertionRail

Demo Video

Demo-Video der Fxierung von FacadeRail an typischen Fassadenkonsolen


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Checklist for the mounting system of photovoltaic systems on building facades