K2 WallPV MultiRail

One of the most common facade claddings in trade or agri­culture is trape­zoidal sheet metal or corru­gated sheet metal. For these materials, we rely on our proven MultiRail. With it, we offer an efficient and easy-to-mount wall fastener.

System Highlights

One system for trape­zoidal and corru­gated sheet metal

The MultiRail system now opens up the possibility of building facade systems. This greatly increases the potential range of applications for these components.
During installation, you benefit from the same advantages as with the system and can rely on the same safety through thin sheet metal screws approved by the building authorities.

MultiRail module support rails on trapezoidal sheet metal facade

Insertion rails or module clamps

The InsertionRails enable huge scaling of this system in professional commercial buildings. Smaller installations in workshops or mixed-use buildings can be realised efficiently and flexibly with FacadeClamp modular clamps.

Comparison of a MultiRail system with insertion rail or module clamp

Closed surface with insertion rails

The PV modules can be installed quickly and securely on the façade with the InsertionRail. Despite the largely closed surface, enough gaps remain for rear ventilation.

InsertionRail and principle of insertion rail on MultiRail

Demo Video

Screenshot from demo video MultiRail System on facade

Downloads & Technical Information

Detailed information about our system can be found in the product catalogue.

  • Component overview
  • Requirements and mounting method
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