K2 GreenRoof Vento

The clever solution for photovoltaic systems for green roofs.

K2 Base: Simple, fast and safe PV planning

Quick and easy planning in five steps of K2 mounting systems for pitched and flat roofs. Our free planning tool K2 Base has a dashboard for efficient project control. Google Maps integration and graphic drawing tools support and facilitate your planning.

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K2 Base: Easy, fast and safe planning


Flexible assembly

High Flexibility: Elevations at angles of 10° or 15%, and up to a module size of 2,400mm x 1,350mm.”

Good integration into green roofs​

The development of the GreenRoof Vento System aims to disturb the greening as minimally as possible. Thus, the support feet provide a solid foundation but are designed small enough to allow mosses and succulents to continue receiving light and water to contribute their valuable role.

Existing components

The GreenRoof Vento is derived from the existing TiltUp Vento system and therefore utilises existing K2 components – in line with our K2 modular principle!

Downloads & Technical Information

Detailed information on our system can be found in the product catalogue.

  • Component overview
  • Requirements and mounting method
  • Tender texts
Downloads Technical data
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