K2 Dome 6 system trapezoidal sheet metal

K2 Dome 6 system trapezoidal sheet metal

System variants

Combination with K2 MultiRail

The clever short rail system is a secure connection and offers strong holding power. With just one component, roof connection and mounting rail in one, the system is economical in terms of material and transport.


The PV modules are elevated in the direction of the roof pitch.

The system can only be combined with the S-Dome 6.10.


Combination with K2 BasicRail

The K2 BasicRail long rail system can be installed quickly in just four steps. It is mounted on floating bearings and therefore has controlled thermal linear expansion.


The solar panels are mounted at an angle of 90° to the roof pitch. This allows optimum solar radiation to reach the panels, regardless of the pitch of the roof.

The system has a general building authority approval (abZ) and can be used with S-/D-Dome 6.10 and S-Dome 6.15.


System highlights

Better angle of incidence

Higher energy yields can be achieved thanks to the increased angle of inclination and the improved angle of incidence of the sun on the PV modules. The optimised alignment ensures that the panels absorb more sunlight, which increases the efficiency of energy generation and thus the overall performance of the system.

Secure fixed connection

The use of the K2 BasicRail and K2 MultiRail mounting systems ensures a stable and permanent connection between the PV modules and the roof. In contrast to ballasted fastening methods, which rely on additional weight, the fastening here is carried out by means of fixed anchoring in the roof. This method ensures a secure and resilient installation that is also suitable for roofs with low load reserves.

Well-known components

The use of familiar components enables the PV modules to be installed quickly and easily on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. Another advantage is that no additional components need to be kept in stock – this reduces storage costs and simplifies logistics considerably.

Downloads & Technical Information

Detailed information on our system can be found in the product catalogue.

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  • Requirements and type of fastening
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