FAQs: Pitched roof

K2 mounting systems are suitable for many types of pitched roofs. We offer installation solutions on trapezoidal sheet metal, corrugated fibre cement, roof tiles or roof tiles and sheet metal seams.

What are you looking for?

Roof tiles

  • What is the rafter dimension or rafter spacing?

  • Which system do I use on a pitched roof with bitumen roofing?

  • Are the rail connectors capable of carrying lightning currents or do the rails have to be connected to each other?

  • SolidRail System: Can horizontal modules also be installed in a single layer?

  • What is a cross-laminated system (2-layer system) and when is it installed?

  • Which roof hook is suitable for my tile?

  • Can a standard system be used for above-rafter insulation?

  • What is the minimum rafter width required?

  • How large may the mounting distance from the end of the rail to the module frame be?

  • With on-roof insulation, do the screws have to be screwed into the rafters or are they sufficient in the counter-batten?

Sandwich panels

  • Does K2 have solutions for sandwich roofs?

Trapezoidal sheet metal

  • Is it possible to work with the MultiRail system in a cross system?

  • What is the maximum elevation (height or angle)?

  • Can the tightness be guaranteed if BasicClips are screwed into the roof cladding?

  • Is there a minimum thickness for the sheets?

  • Do I have to observe the bead width at the top?