K2 Buddy

Heavy weather events are occurring more and more frequently. In this context, heavy snowfalls in particular can have a negative impact on PV systems and affect their service life. In combination with the increasing tendency to use larger modules with lower load limits, this can lead to damage to the modules, higher maintenance costs and lower electricity yields. With K2 Buddy, you can ensure the safety of your PV systems even in snowy regions and avoid unnecessary maintenance. This means more profitability for you and more safety for your customers.

Monitoring with integrated early warning system

  • Protect your PV modules from high snow loads and damage
  • Live data on the K2 Buddy App - for installers and homeowners
  • Early warning function for impending module overloads
  • Free yourself from unnecessary maintenance visits
  • Warranty extension from 12 to 20 years for the mounting system


Security around the clock

The sensors of the K2 Buddy continuously measure the intensity of the snow load on the roof and send the data directly to your end device. For more safety during and after heavy weather events/heavy snowfall.

  • Protects against excessive snow loads and resulting damage
  • Reduces snow removal work and maintenance visits to a minimum
  • Live monitoring via K2 Buddy app – for plant owners and installers
  • Extension of the warranty period of the mounting system to 20 years

Everything at a glance: The app for installers and plant owners

The K2 Buddy app provides clear information about the top current status of the PV system – and in the event of high load values, a push message is reliably transmitted. The user-friendly software shows at a glance whether action is required and the modules need to be cleared of snow.

20 years K2 product warranty

Monitoring by K2 Buddy will prevent many damages in the future, we are sure. And that is why we grant an extension of the warranty period of the K2 mounting system to 20 years through its use.


  • Assembly manuals

  • App user manual


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