K2 works in close cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities

A sample delivery of the K2 products assembled and packed ready for sale by the 100 employees working in the Caritas institution.
A sample delivery of the K2 products assembled and packed ready for sale by the 100 employees working in the Caritas institution.

Cooperation with social institutions

K2 Systems has been working for several years in cooperation with various workshops where people with disabilities work. A large proportion of our set and assembly parts are made there, such as the OneMid module clamp, the MK2 or our hanger bolts. Currently, 230 people with disabilities or mental illnesses are working on the assembly and packing of K2 products in the workshops. Over 6,700 cartons are filled on a weekly basis and delivered to us in Renningen.


„Companies like K2 Systems enable people with a disability to get involved in the working world. They make an important contribution to society as a whole and also the inclusion of disabled people is more tangible in their own workforce. It means a lot to our employees that they can make their contribution to society through their work. This is called a win-win situation,“ confirms Heinz Dawitz, Head of Production at the Caritas workshops, describing the long-standing cooperation.


When we make on-site visits, we are continuously impressed at how the workshops also enable people with serious physical or mental disabilities to be part of the work process and therefore make their own contribution. We are very impressed by the aspiration of the employees who perform the work to the highest standard of quality.


Below we will present four of the cooperating institutions.

Caritas Wohn- und Werkstätten Niederrhein (Caritas residential homes and workshops in the Lower Rhine region)

On average, 100 employees are engaged in the production of the K2 components on a daily basis. A semi-trailer with at least 33 pallets leaves the institution each week.

„Our employees have a mental disability or a mental illness. It is very important for employees with a mental disability to see what the product they are making is used for. They are familiar with PV systems on roofs and know that the clamps fasten them securely in place. This makes them very proud and they feel part of society and anyone getting involved is not excluded,“ states Heinz Dawitz, Head of Production at the Caritas workshops.

„In contrast, the assembly work has a different significance for employees with a mental illness“, Heinz Dawitz goes on to say. „These people were in the majority of cases once part of the conventional working world. But for a variety of reasons this became no longer possible at some point and they sought a new foothold in a safe environment. It is extremely important for the employees to work in a „safe“ working environment, where they are able to cope, be part of the working world again and are not excluded.“


The regional daily newspaper reported on the cooperation between the Caritas workshops in Moers and K2 in August 2017 (press article).

Caritas Wohn- und Werkstätten NiederrheinCaritas residential homes and workshops in the Lower Rhine region

To illustrate, some Caritas employees built a solar charging station for mobile phones as part of a project.

This measure helps the employees to understand what the module clamps are needed for.

(Source: Caritas Wohn- und Werkstätten Niederrhein)




Caritas residential homes and workshops in the Lower Rhine region

The Caritas workshops assemble around 260,000 sets of OneMid/OneEnd clamps a month.

In addition, people with a mental illness apply EPDM tape to approx. 60,000 MiniRails a month and assemble several thousand MiniFiveFix and MiniClamps.

(Source: Caritas Wohn- und Werkstätten Niederrhein)

Theo Lorch Workshops

„We operate various workshops with workplaces and daycare places in the district of Ludwigsburg. The assembly work for K2 is performed in the technical workshops offering our employees a wide range of attractive employment opportunities.

Theo Lorch Werkstatt

For example, our employees in our workshop in Bietigheim apply EPDM tape to the SpeedClips,“ states Catharina Class from the Theo Lorch Workshops.

(Source: Theo Lorch Workshops)







Zoar Workshops in Rockenhausen

Approximately 50 employees in four departments work on K2 products and assembly around 40,000 OneMid/OneEnd universal clamps a week.

„The clamps are a cherished task for the employees because the product can be subdivided into several steps. The subdivision of the work into small steps means that our weaker clientèle can also work on the products,“ relates Thomas Herr, Head of the Small Parts Assembly Department at the Zoar Workshops in Rockenhausen.



MK2, MK3, hanger bolt

Schwarzwaldwerkstatt Dornstetten (Dornstetten workshops in the Black Forest, Germany)

„Our employees really enjoy working on the packing, testing and assembly of the hanger bolts, MK2s and MK3s. We manage approximately 100,000 MK2s and around 10,000 hanger bolts a week. Our logistics then reliably deliver the goods to K2 in Renningen twice a week“, confirms Thomas Traub, responsible for coordinating the assembly work.


We would like to thank all employees for their great work and the managers of the institutions for their commitment and valuable support!