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07 March 2024 Updates: Products

Especially on green roofs the use of a photovoltaic system makes sense.

Why? The modules benefit from the cooling effect of low-growing plants. This is because they store water, which cools the environment when it evaporates, thus increasing performance and thus yield.

However, at the same time there are challenges compared to mounting on gravel or bitumen roofs: plants must not shade the photovoltaic modules and must be “kept at a distance”. Otherwise, they have the opposite effect and reduce the energy yield – and that considerably!

The clever solution: K2 GreenRoof Vento

The new member of the K2 product family firstly ensures a firm footing and secondly – thanks to the greater distance from module to roof – reliably prevents shading caused by overgrown vegetation. And plants also benefit, because in fact succulents do not tolerate heat without restrictions. K2 GreenRoof Vento allows portrait and landscape elevation at 10° and 15° with maximum module sizes of 2,400 mm x 1,350 mm. How practical!


The GreenRoof Vento is derived from the existing TiltUp Vento system and thus draws on existing K2 components – in line with our K2 modular principle! And for us, it goes without saying: During development, our team paid attention to disturbing the greenery as minimally as possible. So the feet provide a firm hold, but are designed small enough so that mosses and succulents continue to receive light and water to make their valuable contribution.


With the K2 GreenRoof Vento, planning green roof projects becomes even easier, because soon the statically optimized substructure can soon be calculated quickly and easily with K2 Base and is effortless to install.

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