Together we can make such a difference!

Collaboration is essential if we want to make the world a better place, so let’s connect our strengths! We all bear the responsibility of safeguarding our planet for the well-being of future generations.

Successfully realising the energy revolution together.

Our Environmental Commitment

At the heart of our business strategy lies a commitment to sustainable and responsible production. This principle serves as the cornerstone guiding all of our efforts. 

110 GWh Produced Daily

This is how much clean energy is produced daily using K2 Mounting Systems. This equates to approximately the same amount of energy that can be produced with 11 coal-fired power plants.

Our CO2 Footprint beats industry averages

The aluminium used in our products has a significantly smaller CO2 footprint than that of global and even European primary production processes per ton. This is a “feet” that we accomplish together with our partner suppliers who are dedicated to the reducing the carbon intensity of their primary production and through the use of recycled aluminium. Small footprint, with a big stride.

75% of our products are crafted from recycled aluminium

This is important because the energy required for recycled alumium is a mere 5% of the initial energy outlay needed for producing primary aluminium. By prioritizing recycled materials, we not only reduce our environmental footprint, but we also drive sustainable production practices within our industry.

Regional Value Creation

85% of our products are manufactured the EU, a strategic approach aimed at minimizing carbon emissions, ensuring compliance with EU quality, environment and social standards, and supporting local production.

Our Social Committent

We support people both within and outside our organization. Our aim is to foster a working environment where people from diverse backgrounds can not only excel but thrive. Furthermore, we are committed to enhancing conditions for those in need of assistance.”

A diverse workforce from over 40 countries

Diversity and inclusion is a living reality at K2 where our team represents over 40 nations and speaks more than 32 languages. By harnessing the power of diversity to connect strength.


Helping People in Need

We also help where people in need. We provide support quickly and unbureaucratically to give people hope and assistance. For example, K2 Systems has actively participated in multiple donation campaigns for refugee camps for over six years.
K2’s advantage: our experienced logistics team has the know-how to bring aid and deliver it to the respective regions precisely and without delay.


Our governance approach is all about creating lasting value that benefits everyone involved, both internally and externally

Support at multiple levels

Since 2004, K2 Systems has been making its contribution to realising the energy revolution as efficiently and sustainably as possible. But we can only succeed if we do it togteher. That is why we also actively support professional associations at a European, national and regional level.

Corporate commitment

Of course, we also start at an individual level at our own company! From Day One, K2 Systems has been covering its power requirements with 100% renewable energy. But that’s not enough. Our goal is to become a climate-neutral company by 2030. This is our commitment for a better world. This is how we will make a real difference! 

We are switching our fleet to electric vehicles.

Over 50% of our fleet electrified

We have already converted more than half of our fleet to electric vehicles. This step is part of our efforts to reduce our ecological footprint and make a contribution to environmental protection.

Many of our employees cycle to work. Anyone who opts to use their bike gets an extra reward from the company.

Employee benefits: pensions, e-bike subsidiues and more!

We offer our employees the choice to enroll in a retirement savings program, receive subsidies for E-Bikes and other sports activities such as E-Gym, and provide access attractive discounts on sustainable brands through FutureBen