First plants with Dome V installed

Project with S-Dome V in Hannover, Germany
The PV plant on the flat roof has 724 solar modules, which are fixed with the new S-Dome V System (source: Solarservice Norddeutschland).

Installation information for plant no. 1: S-Dome V

  • Built: August 2018
  • Location: Hannover, Germany
  • Yield: 199,10 kWp
  • Roof covering: membrane
  • System: S-Dome V
  • Number of modules: 724 modules
  • Use of electricity: own consumption
  • Partner: Solarservice Norddeutschland

„Together with four K2 employees, we installed the first plant with the S-Dome V System. The 10° system was intuitive to set up and we discovered and collected the first tricks for the assembly. My three employees mounted around 200 modules of the total of 724 modules on the roof every day - so the new system convinced us,“ reports Thomas Rey, Managing Director of Solarservice Norddeutschland.


„The first steps included positioning the short rails and fixing the new Mat V and Dome components. The system has an output of 199.10 kWp and supplies a metal-processing company. After intensive product development, product testing and the premiere at this year's Intersolar, the first delivery and installation here in Hannover is another great step,“ says Axel Klett, project manager at K2 Systems.

Project with D-Dome V in Oldenburg, Germany
The 2,374 solar modules and the D-Dome V mounting system result in a 700 kWp PV system in Oldenburg (source: CS-Energiesysteme GmbH).

Installation information for plant no. 2: D-Dome V

  • Built: September 2018
  • Location: Oldenburg, Germany
  • Yield: 700,33 kWp
  • Number of modules: 2,374 modules
  • Building height: 8 m
  • System: D-Dome V
  • Dome V SD (total): 2,764 pieces
  • Mat V (total): 3,060 pieces
  • Module clamps: 5,528 MiniClamps
  • Partner: CS-Energiesysteme GmbH

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