Largest PV array on a UK shopping centre with the K2 Triangle System

K2 Triangle System custom-made frames for UK shopping centre
K2 Systems and EvoEnergy designed a PV system for the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds (Source: EvoEnergy)

Installation information

  • Built: September 2017
  • Number of modules: 2,902
  • Yield: 783 kWp
  • Location: West Yorkshire, UK
  • System solution: Triangle System + Ultralight and Light SolidRail
  • Annual output: 681,794 kWh
  • Annual CO2 savings: 239,691
  • Partner: EvoEnergy

In collaboration with EvoEnergy, K2 Solar Mounting Solutions recently produced a custom mounting frame for a 783 kWp PV system on the rooftop of Landsec's White Rose shopping centre in Leeds. This is the largest solar array installation on a UK shopping centre. 

Custom-made aluminium frames (Triangle system) were designed to fix to the roof sheet with K2 Kalzip Claw seam clamps, using the Ultralight SolidRail as the base rail, and the Light SolidRail as the module rail. The modules were then clamped to the rails using K2 Add-Ons. This provided support for the modules and allowed clamping on the long sides of the frame, in landscape orientation.

Over 680 MWh of electricity is expected to be generated each year, supplying around 39% of its daytime electricity demand to help power various landlord services including interior and exterior lighting, cooling systems and air treatment processes. In the first year, the White Rose shopping centre will reduce its carbon footprint by around 240 tonnes (2017 grid intensity), equivalent to taking around 40 cars off the road.

See Evo Energy’s White Rose Shopping Centre Case Study for more information.


“The unique challenge of this project was to install south-facing modules with 15° elevation and allow for the east-west curvature of the roof. We split the array into small sections to account for the curvature of the roof.” Ben Gosling, Technical Manager at K2 Solar Mounting Solutions

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