Largest solar plant financed by citizens in Grenoble

D-Dome V, flat roof, La Belle Électrique, Grenoble, France
In February 2020, Énerg'Y Citoyennes inaugurated the largest PV project financed by citizens together with residents, the municipality and companies (source: Énerg'Y Citoyennes).

Installation information

  • Location: Grenoble, France
  • Building: Cultural facility ‘La Belle Électrique’
  • Annual output: 128 MWh / annual consumption of around 50 households
  • Annual CO2 savings: 12.8 tons
  • Built: December 2019
  • System: D-Dome V 10°
  • Number of modules: 300 modules
  • Module fields: 3 fields
  • Module area: 600 m²
  • Partner: Lumensol, Énerg'Y Citoyennes, City Grenoble

D-Dome V installation in fast motion


Planning of the mounting system in K2 Base

The D-Dome V 10° system has been designed with the K2 Base planning software.


With K2 Base, every installer can quickly and easily calculate the appropriate mounting system in five steps.

Énerg'Y Citoyennes

Citizens' project of Énerg'Y Citoyennes

Énerg'Y Citoyennes is an 'energy community' created by residents of the Grenoble region. Their aim is to generate and promote electricity from renewable energy sources through their own projects.


The PV system on the roof of 'La Belle Électrique' supplies the cultural institution with electricity for the concerts and workshops that take place there, as well as for the restaurant in the centre of Grenoble. (--> press article)



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