SpeedRail for a sawtooth roof of a shoe factory

Installation information

  • Location: Berat, Albania
  • Building: sawtooth roof
  • Annual output: 464,800 kWh
  • Number of modules: 830 modules
  • Built: September 2020
  • Construction time: 10 days
  • System: SpeedRail
  • Roofing: trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Roof pitch: 40°
  • Use of electricity: own consumption
  • Partner: Vega Solar Sh.p.k

SpeedRail for the trapezoidal sheet

The PV system is equipped with the SpeedRail System on the 5 sections of the sawtooth roof and covers 100% of the power requirements of the factory.

SpeedRail System, sawtooth roof, Albania, Vega Solar

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