Triangle System for airport terminal

Geneva airport gets 657 modules
As of this spring, the Swiss airport will use electricity from renewable energies (source: Romande Energie Services SA).

Installation information

  • Commissioned: January 2018
  • Location: Geneva Airport, Switzerland
  • Number of modules: 657 modules
  • Module orientation: vertical
  • Module clamping: long side
  • System: Triangle System
  • Mounting rails: SpeedRail + SolidRail
  • Roof covering: bitumen
  • Power consumption: own consumption
  • Partner: Romande Energie Services SA
Reference Triangle System

Installation in sun and snow

Our partner belongs to the Romande Energie group, a large electricity supplier in western Switzerland, which covers the electricity needs of 300 000 end customers. The PV system went into operation at the beginning of 2018 and has supplied large parts of the airport infrastructure.


Triangle System

The bitumen roof was covered with a building protection mat and a pavement slab. Using the MultiMonti screw, the SpeedRail on which the Triangle was attached to the plates. With the help of the SolidRail and the clamp, the 657 modules were mounted.

Module clamping on the long side

Module clamping on the long side

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