Information on payment for the K2 DocuApp

You can download the app free of charge from Google Play Store (Android) or iOS App Store on your smartphone or tablet and try it out. At the beginning, a total of five documentation completions are available to you free of charge. From the sixth project onwards, you will be asked in the app to pay for the corresponding documentation.


Why does the project documentation in the app cost something? The app offers you a wide range of functions for complete documentation, eliminates paperwork and saves you time and thus costs. The costs for comparable but conventional documentation are significantly higher. In addition, the app offers synchronisation of all project data from K2 Base and the K2 team is available to answer your questions with personal and competent customer service.



What does the use of the K2 DocuApp cost?


Each project that you complete in its documentation and send to the client costs 3.49 euros each.


It does not matter how many colleagues or employees are involved in or have worked on this project. The costs only arise once per project for the person who completes the acceptance on site in the app. The project is then automatically completed read-only with the others.


Is it a subscription model?


No, you pay per project.


However, if you plan more than 15 projects in the K2 DocuApp in a month, then from the 15th project documentation onwards you no longer incur any costs for the subsequent documentations that you complete in that month. This applies per user and always until the end of the respective month. The app recognises this automatically and there is no need for payment processing. So it's worth using the app for all your projects!


How does payment work in the app?


As soon as you select the "Close contract" button in the app at the end of a project, you can deposit your payment data. After this deposit, the acceptance of the documentations is available to you. With this action, you do not conclude a paid subscription. You only pay for each documentation you accept. Payment is made once for each project and costs 3.49 euros per project.


All functions of the app (such as file management, contact management, the reminder function, digital approval, the sharing function or the interface to K2 Base) can be used across the board for this price.


How can payment be made?


Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit. You will automatically receive a monthly invoice from us to the e-mail address stored in your account under "Payment data".


All entries and data can also always be found via your user on the left side in the app under the item "Account". The app's terms of use are also available here.



Can the app be tested free of charge at the beginning?


Yes! You can test our app with the first five projects and complete them free of charge.

Only then will you be asked to enter your payment details via "Close contract" in order to complete your next documentations with the K2 DocuApp.




Do you have any further questions?

Then feel free to contact the K2 app team directly: