Facade solution with SolidRail components

24/11/2021 Tallinn, Estonia

A particularly delightful and interesting project!

‘The project in Tallinn was outside our comfort zone and particularly appealing and interesting for that very reason. A lot of coordination was necessary for the construction of the solar system on the exterior façade. On the one hand with the engineers from K2 for the selection of the right fixings, with the metal engineers for the protection of the interior for additional support of the façade and on the other hand with the installers on site for the estimation of a stable and safe assembly,’ says Ravo Haavik, project manager at Energiapartner OÜ.


Commercial SolidRail Facade Special construciton
11/11/2022 Weiden, Germany

Bavarian bakery uses its own solar power from a 750 kWp system

SolidRail Sheet metal seam clamp Zambelli RibRoof 465 Commerce Standing seam
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Solar plant with 1.3 MWp has 4,162 modules, 6 km of mounting rails and 17 inverters

D-Dome Classic Flat roof Commercial Cooperative
02/03/2022 Poirino, Italy

Elevation of the modules ensures better performance and higher energy production

MiniRail MiniFive Trapezoidal metal sheet Elevation Comparison Commercial


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