Fruit farmer in south-east England produces own electricity with 1.5 MWp rooftop system

11/01/2022 County Kent, UK

Important contribution to a carbon neutral economy by 2050 in the UK

“Renewable energy is a crucial part of the UK’s plans to create a carbon neutral economy by 2050. The agriculture and fruit industries have an important role to play in helping the government achieve this goal,” says Ross Goatham. AC Goatham & Son grow over 350 million apples and around 55 million pears per year on its 25 farms in total.

Shaun Beattie, Director at BeBa Energy, added: “Working with the team at Goatham’s to develop this project has been a pleasure. If the UK is to realise its ambitions to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, businesses must play their part. This investment by Goatham’s shows how seriously they take their responsibilities!”

In operation for one year and already saving 293 tonnes of CO2:

Impressions of the rooftop installation


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