K2 – PV mounting systems for solar power

Our mounting systems cover nearly the entire spectrum of possible roofings and some soil class applications. We distinguish between systems for:

  • Corrugated roofing:
    • Sheet metal or rather tin metal
    • Fibre cement
  • Tile roofing:
    • Concrete tiles (Classic, Designer, Prestige)
    • Clay tiles
  • System roofings or standing seam:
    • Klip-Lok or Klip-Tite
    • Round, double, angeled and snaplock standing seam
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal, Trimdek and sandwich panels

K2 Base: Easy planning tool

Planning your project with the SingleRail System in K2 Base is super easy. This mounting system is very flexible and can be used for many roofing types.
The design process in K2 Base lets you plan residential projects like a clockwork and even large commercial projects are no longer an obstacle. The software creates exact assembly plans and flawless BOMs.

Corrugated sheet metal roofings

The SingleRail PV mounting system can be used flexibly for different roof coverings. On corrugated sheet metal roofs, a classic L-foot is used as roof attachment. You can add an additional adapter for corrugated sheets, which improves the sealing and makes the alignment perfect.



Concrete or clay tiles: SingleHook Vario tile brackets

Our European roof hook experience is fully integrated into our SingleRail System. We use all-weatherproof stainless steel and corrosion-resistant aluminium for our tile brackets. They are height adjustable and the brackets can be moved sideways to best fit each tile.

You can also build with two rail layers to change the orientation of the modules or simply to improve the ventilation and performance of the modules.

Trapezoidal sheet metal

This type of roofing is a key application area for us. We have developed solutions based on the SingleRail System and fixation in the substructure, but we also offer solutions with fixation in the roofing.

This saves a lot of assembly time and a lot of material. These mounting systems are used successfully all over the world. They are certified if required and are among the fastest growing installation methods in this application field.

K2 Base: Easy planning tool

The planning process in K2 Base helps you with perfect placement, proven loads calculation and a flawless BOM. Only five steps are necessary to achieve a ready-to-build result. Plan all commercial PV systems with precision as well as simplified residential project management.

Collaborate with other professions and make your project management easy. You can exchange planning data with partners and export it to other tools for electric wiring or yield planning.

Coming soon: More mounting solutions certified soon

RibClamp for Klip-Lok roofings

We already developed a mounting solution for Klip-Lok roofings which we offer in other parts of the world. Currently we're improving this solution for our Australian product range.


The RibClamp System is roof fixation and module support in a single component. The module clamp can be attached directly for the landscape orientation of modules or you add a second rail layer which makes portrait orientation possible.

PV mounting solutions for flat roofs

We are well known for our single-sided and double-sided flat roof mounting systems for PV plants. They can be used on ply-membrane, concrete, gravel and bitumen roofings as well as on green roofs.

The planning is a well thought-out design process that ends in a really simple and flexible assembly.

MultiRail: Short rail system for tin roofings and Trimdek

This system is a very efficient solution for trapezoidal tin. Short rails with sealing and flexible placement options make it very easy to install.

Not only the installation properties guarantee full satisfaction, but also the small dimensions and low weight make it very flexible in transport. The special feature: The rails are fixed directly in the roof covering. This makes the whole installation really fast and easy.


It is a proven and tested system that has been on the market for years. Suitable for smaller residential projects and larger PV systems on commercial roofs.