Product update: New rail lengths

13 July 2023 Updates: Products

In the growth industry of photovoltaics, change is particularly rapid.

The modules became bigger and wider, which means that the substructure must also “grow” with them. Therefore, we introduce the following new rail lengths:

SingleRail and SolidRail: 2,50 m / 3,65 m / 4,80 m / 5,95 m
BasicRail: 2,50 m / 4,80 m / 5,95 m
CrossRail 36: 4,80 m


The advantages of the new dimensions:

  1. Mounting without cutting: The rail lengths are matched to a module width of 1134 mm. This means that assembly can usually be carried out without cutting and without rail connectors.
  2. Reduced stock and increased availability: The lower number of different rail lengths reduces stock levels and storage space. At the same time, it ensures reliable availability.
  3. High flexibility and sustainability: The rails are minimally – but a little bit – longer than mathematically necessary. Hereby we achieve that they can be cleverly installed by a separating cut. Thus, a rail calculated for 5 modules can be cut so that it can be used to fasten, for example, 2 modules and again 3 modules. This way we create more flexibility and reduce unnecessary waste.



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