PV systems on hipped roofs: Plan the optimal design now with K2 Base.

03 July 2023 Updates: Digital

PV systems on hipped roofs: Plan the optimal design now with K2 Base.

The more roof surfaces, the more variation possibilities. A hipped roof has two trapezoidal and two triangular roof surfaces – in other words, four potential substrates for a photovoltaic system. If mounted on the east, south, west and north sides, virtually every ray of sunlight is captured during the day. Because yes, even diffuse light is still well utilized by modern PV modules with high efficiency!

However, the pointed area of roof limits the usable area. For a particularly high yield, it is therefore important to arrange the modules so that space is utilized in the best possible way.

With our free software K2 Base, the design of PV projects is planned quickly and easily. Thanks to exact dimension and angle specifications, it delivers precise results – and from now on not only for flat, gable and monopitch roofs! Hipped roofs can now also be planned in offset and thus space-optimized placement, accounting for obstacle recesses and shadow casting views.

K2 Base has extended its range of conveniently plannable PV installations. Another important building block for a successful energy transition.


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