Two times in Germany: K2 opens office in capital city

02 May 2022 Updates: Company

K2 is part of the ‘EnergieForum’ in Berlin!

As of now, we have a second location in Germany. Our team of project developers, sales people, engineers and project managers can be found at the ‘EnergieForum’ in Berlin Friedrichshain.


‘We are not only located in the heart of Berlin, but also in the energy policy center via the EnergieForum. From here, we represent K2 interests in the political arena, do valuable work in the solar industry’s professional circles, and increase our attractiveness as an employer,’ says Andreas Steckeler, head of the office.

Located on Stralauer Platz, the award-winning EnergieForum building by architects Bothe, Richter and Teherani impresses with its special energy efficiency and is designated by the Berlin Senate as the ‘International Solar Center’. Therefore, in addition to K2 Systems, numerous other companies from the field of renewable energy can be found.

‘We look forward to your visit, because kommse rin, könnse rauskieken,’ said Andreas Steckeler at the end in the Berlin dialect (translation: come and visit us!).



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