Base On now also with the Dome Systems

07.03.2017 | Renningen

Base On Screenshot D-Dome and S-Dome

Base On now also with the Dome Systems

The Base On online software introduced in autumn 2016 receives its first update this year. In addition to the S-Rock System (15° south elevation), both S-Dome flat roof classics (10° south elevation) and the D-Dome (10° east-west elevation) can also be configured as of now using the calculation tool. The application-oriented user interface, the simple graphical drawing tools and the improved basis for calculation allow the user to determine the complete design of the installation system using the free online tool in just a few steps.

Improved calculations and intuitive operation

The online software accesses satellite images from Google Maps and facilitates a rapid surveying of the roof in question using the graphical drawing tools. Module fields and possible shading areas are also incorporated with just a few clicks and the corresponding snow and wind loads automatically calculated. The improved calculation basis, which also ensures lower ballast values among other things, is an additional benefit of this innovative software.

The program provides tips and short explanatory videos in many places thanks to the integrated help section. The company has also been offering free, multi-lingual webinars since January 2017, whereby exemplary projects can be interpreted and the new software learned.

Base On as an important building block for digitalization at K2 Systems

With the introduction of the Base On software based online, K2 Systems continues to push ahead with its digitalization strategy and take into account the increasing digital requirements of its customers by supporting the tool at all times in the installation system configuration, irrespective of location.

The step-by-step integration of the various installation systems of K2 Systems into the Base On software will be further developed with the first update in 2017.

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