Elevation of the modules ensures better performance and higher energy production

02/03/2022 Poirino, Italy

Direct performance comparison of two MiniRail variants

GM SOLAR Energie Rinnovabili modernised a PV system in Poirino, Turin region, dating from 2011 in February 2021, replacing the solar modules and inverters. In 2018, the successful EPC from Italy had already extended the plant and in doing so had immediately elevated the modules by an additional 5° with the MiniFive component.

The responsible engineer, Giuseppe Guida, compared the two variants from March to November 2021 and was able to prove* that the elevated solar modules in the second variant provide better performance and higher energy production, because:

  • The greater angle of inclination ensures better use of solar radiation and thus increases production.
  • The elevation leads to rear ventilation or cooling of all components, which leads to higher efficiency due to the lower operating temperatures.
  • The additional tilt ensures that less snow, dust and debris accumulate on the surface of the modules, which guarantees a higher energy yield. For example, snow melts more quickly and the system can be put back into operation more quickly.
  • Maintenance work on the modules is facilitated by the inclination of the component in relation to the roof.

* The calculation takes into account the different module orientations as well as module outputs.

MiniRail vs. MiniRail with MiniFive

In a direct comparison, the solar modules elevated by an additional 5° (Fig. 2; MiniRail with MiniFive) produce better performance and higher energy production than the conventional mounting (Fig. 1; MiniRail).


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