Good prospects: Greater clarity through new product names

29 March 2023 Updates: Products

Well, we’ve got a lot of things in motion this Spring:

We are creating more clarity, order and structure.

Some of our products have been renamed to clearly communicate their purpose and unambiguously reflect their system affiliations:

CrossHook becomes SingleHook and SolidHook, respectively
MiniClamp becomes DomeClamp
SpeedRail becomes BasicRail

The good news: all products remain as excellent as they are and all specifications such as the size, price or packaging units remain the same.

The new names of the roof hooks:

Item number Previous name New name
2003215 CrossHook 3S SingleHook 3S
2003144 CrossHook 4S SingleHook 4S
2004222 CrossHook 3S long SingleHook 3S long
2003175 CrossHook 2 SingleHook 2
2000636 CrossHook 2G SingleHook 2G
2002927 CrossBracket 4S SingleBracket 4S
2001972 CrossBoard 2.10m SingleBoard 3S/4S, 2.10 m
2000265 Sample Set CrossConnector Sample Set 2-Layer System
2002390 CrossHook 3S+ SolidHook 3S+
2002402 CrossHook 4S+ SolidHook 4S+


The new names of the module clamp:

Item number Previous name New name
2002609 MiniClamp MC Black Set 30-50 DomeClamp MC Black Set 30-50
2002558 MiniClamp MC Set 30-50 DomeClamp MC Set 30-50
2002559 MiniClamp EC Set 30-50 DomeClamp EC Set 30-50
2002610 MiniClamp EC Black Set 30-50 DomeClamp EC Black Set 30-50

The new names of the SpeedRail System:

Item number Previous name New name
1001164 SpeedRail SpeedClip BasicRail BasicClip
1003558 SpeedRail SpeedLock 22 Set BasicRail BasicLock 22 Set
1003571 SpeedRail SpeedConnector Set BasicRail BasicConnector Set
1003841 Sample Set SpeedRail 22 Sample Set BasicRail 22
1003933 SpeedRail 22, 2.10 m K2 BasicRail, 2.10 m
2003238 SpeedRail 22, 2.25 m K2 BasicRail, 2.25 m
2003239 SpeedRail 22, 3.30 m K2 BasicRail, 3.30 m
2003240 SpeedRail 22, 4.40 m K2 BasicRail, 4.40 m
2003241 SpeedRail 22, 5.50 m K2 BasicRail, 5.50 m

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