Intersolar: Our highlights in 2024

19 June 2024 Updates: Products

We are celebrating 20 years of Connecting Strength! ​

For over two decades, we have been dedicated to developing innovative mounting system solutions that ensure strong and secure connections for PV systems worldwide. We do this by connecting strengths, because only together can we achieve our goal of realising the energy transition.

This year‘s anniversary brings together a multitude of highlights

Highlights at a Glance

We celebrate connecting digital technology with innovative mounting systems

Modern, digital services: for faster ways of working, available 24/7.

Discover our digital services

MyK2 in the K2 Digital Ecosystem – Connect with your productivity!​

Have you ever created completely paperless documentation for PV systems? Quickly calculated a target price yourself? Or delegated the monitoring of snow loads on modules to the K2 Buddy? The possibilities are immense. Because in our digital MyK2 universe, we cover the entire project cycle, from capturing initial data in the K2 DocuApp, to project planning in K2 Base and its innovative interfaces, through to post-installation monitoring with K2 Buddy. And all of this is available centrally in one MyK2 account.

So, log in and benefit from the digital advantages for all your PV planning!

More about MyK2

K2 Buddy

K2 Buddy is the IoT system for mechanical monitoring of PV systems that helps protect modules in the event of high snow loads. Installers and homeowners can view live data on the K2 Buddy app and thus have a helpful early warning function against possible module overload at their fingertips. This also enables a warranty extension on the mounting system from 12 to 20 years via the K2 DocuApp. Our latest enhancements to the K2 Buddy have made it even easier to install!

More about K2 Buddy

K2 Base – The heart of MyK2

We celebrate a new level of planning speed! So sit back and relax as K2 Base has expanded with numerous features and interfaces to make your workday even easier! We understand that every extra minute counts

More about K2 Base

K2 Webshop-Connection

A significant milestone in speeding up the ordering process: Through the Webshop interface, the bill of materials from K2 Base can effortlessly be sent directly to the shopping carts of various European PV and electrical wholesalers. This creates a smoother data transfer process, eliminating unnecessary transmission errors caused by manual handling.

The transmission is transparent, as K2 Base provides feedback on whether all items were successfully added to the shopping cart. Conveniently, connected wholesalers can also be filtered by country, and in MyK2, a personalized quick selection of favorite vendors can be established. So, plan your project in K2 Base, add the mounting system to your cart, and start shopping!

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K2 Image Upload

Previously, roofs in K2 Base could be easily planned using the Google Maps integration. With the intuitive graphic tools, roof surfaces for the selected building can be drawn with just a few clicks.

But what if the satellite image doesn’t meet the desired quality? Or if the building hasn’t been constructed yet and therefore cannot be shown on Google Maps? For such cases, we have developed a new feature: the Image Upload in K2 Base. Roof surfaces can now be intuitively drawn even without satellite images with just a few clicks. Drone pictures, high-resolution aerial shots, blueprints, module layout plans, and satellite images can now be easily uploaded. This ensures a fast and accurate design of PV projects.

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K2 Unlimited Project Sharing

Connecting individuals and businesses: Existing projects in K2 Base can now be easily shared with others, even outside of your own organization. This streamlines the planning process for PV systems even further. So, plan, share, and save time!

Otto Lehmann Tile Replacement

Connecting Strength with Otto Lehmann: Planning a tile replacement is now possible in K2 Base, thanks to the close cooperation with the manufacturer of drainage technology and roofing products. Exciting news: With planning in K2 Base, the structural verification of the Otto Lehmann tile replacement holder is now available. This tile replacement solution is compatible with both the K2 SingleRail and the K2 SolidRail. So, dive into the innovative solutions offered by Otto Lehmann and streamline your rooftop projects with ease.

In addition, we are pleased to offer, in accordance with the new regulations for roof coverings with roof tiles from the Central Association of German Roofing Trades (ZVDH), the calculation of a tile replacement solution in K2 Base for roofs below the standard roof pitch.

More about Otto Lehmann

We celebrate connecting application areas with innovative products

We are the reliable connection to rooftops, facades, ground mounts, and carports. Our modular mounting systems are predominantly produced within the EU and ensure the secure connection of modules.

You have your favorite K2 systems – and we’ve taken them to the next level! Get ready for a range of optimized and new solutions. Leading the pack is our popular all-rounder for flat roofs, the K2 Dome 6.

More about our mounting systems

K2 D-Dome 6.15 Xpress

The Dome 6 Xpress system stands out for its rapid installation speed, made possible by pre-assembled components. Exciting news for Xpress enthusiasts: With D-Dome 6 Xpress components, a 15° elevation can now also be achieved. This leverages the popular K2 modular principle, tapping into a wide range of existing components.The D-Dome 6.15 Xpress offers the well-known benefits of dual-sided elevation, such as optimal roof space utilization and low ballasting due to its aerodynamic design. The increased elevation also allows for higher output​.

K2 D-Dome 6.10 Lifted LS

Looking for a boost to connect and strengthen your setup? Joining forces with Sika, we are excited to announce another manufacturer collaboration for flat roofs with slopes of up to 10°, such as Sika PVC membrane roofs.This close partnership with Sika has led to a tailored solution between the roof membrane and mounting system. The Dome 6.10 LS System is securely fastened with roof anchors and elevated from the roof membrane, creating a 50mm gap. This innovative approach allows for easy leveling of roof irregularities and simplifies drainage. Utilizing the SingleRail rail family for the module mounting rail, the modular K2 building principle is at play once again.

K2 D-Dome 6.10 with BasicRail on Trapezoidal Sheet​

Taking flat roof components to a sloped roof? No problem!The renowned D-Dome 6.10 mounting components are the go-to choice for additional elevation, for example, using K2 BasicRail on trapezoidal sheeting.Exciting news: This popular system will soon be plannable in K2 Base!All other variations of the Dome 6 system on trapezoidal sheeting can still be easily planned with our K2 expert team as usual.

General building approval for K2 Dome systems

Exciting news for PV projects in Germany: The Dome 6 Classic, Dome 6 Classic LS, Dome 6 Xpress, and Dome Zero systems have now received a general building approval, streamlining processes such as participating in bids.

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K2 GreenRoof Vento

Venture into the green: Our smart flat roof solution on green roofs is the K2 GreenRoof Vento System. Derived from the K2 TiltUp Vento System, it also leverages existing K2 components. This system allows for elevations in portrait and landscape orientations at 10° and 15° angles. Overall, it seamlessly integrates into roof greenings

About K2 GreenRoof Vento

K2 MiniRail 60

The K2 MiniRail is reaching new heights!This trusted short rail system on trapezoidal sheeting is now also available in a height of 60mm. This improves ventilation and allows for the installation of optimizers and micro inverters beneath the modules. Our fastenings secure the modules of your projects while you maximize their potential.

We celebrate the full potential of the sun​

Whether it’s on rooftops, facades, ground mounts, or carports, we ensure that modules are securely fastened, everywhere

K2 WallPV MultiRail (with Reisser screw)

So far, our K2 WallPV Systems have covered a wide range of different facade materials for large-scale PV installations: the K2 WallPV FacadeRail System for masonry and concrete​, the K2 WallPV CarrierRail System for sandwich panels, and the
K2 WallPV MultiRail System for trapezoidal and corrugated metal facades.

Expanding our expertise to include existing buildings with External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS), we have forged a powerful partnership with Reisser, embodying the spirit ofConnecting Strength.” The result of this collaboration: The K2 WallPV MultiRail System now features the innovative Reisser RDS-CA screw. This spacer screw can be securely fixed directly through the facade insulation into concrete or masonry, without the need to cut the thermal insulation. Fast, easy, and cost-effective to install, this versatile screw is adjustable for different insulation thicknesses and can adapt to uneven surfaces, regardless of the building’s existing structure. To connect to the Reisser RDS-CA, we utilize trusted products from the K2 portfolio, such as the K2 MultiRail paired with the K2 InsertionRail. It’s all about the K2 modular approach!

K2 N-Rack

The K2 N-Rack System offers a simple and modular solution for ground installations. It combines the benefits of different variations into one system, as it can be implemented with both concrete and pile-driven foundations.By cleverly combining steel and aluminum, the K2 N-Rack system harnesses the strengths of steel while leveraging the functionality of aluminum components. This allows for easy and quick adjustments for uneven terrain during installation. The lightweight material also enables ergonomic handling.When it comes to the module layout, the version with concrete foundations supports a 2×20° portrait orientation, while the version with pile-driven foundations accommodates both 2×20° and 3×15° portrait orientations.

Exciting news for smaller installations: We keep standardized components in stock, making it possible to swiftly execute projects on concrete foundations.

About K2 N-Rack

K2 Carport

The K2 Carport System offers immense flexibility with minimal planning and implementation effort. Its modular design seamlessly adapts to local conditions, providing a comfortable parking experience with its single-column structure. Whether with or without trapezoidal sheet roofing, the system caters to various needs, especially accommodating bifacial modules. Additionally, it offers customizable color options and supports both single and double row module layouts



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